About Us



Glory health is a company specialized in the field of medical products in the international platform. It has been operating in 54 countries since 2021 and continues to expand its customer network worldwide by improving service quality every day. With an expert team of 10 person, we have expertise in the field of international trade

Being a medical consumables and personal care export company bridges the network among manufacturers and operating as a reliable global wholesaler to distributors, hospitals.
A wide range of consumables are needed for daily work in health care. you will find a large assortment of consumable and disposable products, including gloves and disinfectants, such as surface disinfectants or hand disinfectants, and also plasters, suture material and many other products that are needed regularly for patient care and practice hygiene. For many articles, in addition to our favourable prices, we offer a bulk discount if you order a larger quantity.

Our Mission

Providing wide range of medical supplies and solutions to satisfy the needs and requirements of healthcare